SVG Backgrounds

30 Oct 2021

Spice up your webpage in seconds. SVG Backgrounds helps you quickly customize and apply fullscreen website visuals with a tiny file size.

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Latest updates from project team and community...

Matt Visiwig8 months ago

Hit 10K ARR I recently have been updating the SVGBG website. And have been more into the metrics of my web app and website. I noticed the conversion rate was horrible. So it led me to focus on the homepage and subscription page. I recently updated the pricing and redesigned the subscription page completely. This led to a little flurry of sales, and I will be making more tweaks over time. But this little boost in sales took me over $834/MRR to hit the big milestone of $10K ARR. I have a renewed focus on SVGBG!

Matt Visiwig8 months ago

After getting lots of attention, via posting to PH in 2018, I made more backgrounds and added an ecommerce functionality to My initial pricing was $5/mo for access to the growing collection of backgrounds: unlimited background use for unlimited projects. Got a few sales that same month.