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Sunsama organizes your work one day at a time. Be intentional about how you spend your time. Plan your day using a step-by-step routine. Pull in tasks from Trello/Asana/etc. (Emails from Gmail/Outlook + Meetings from your calendar.) Decide how long you want to work on each task. End your work day at a reasonable time. Drag emails that require heads down work into your task list and set aside time to work on them. Get our FREE 14-day Trial on Projectium!

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Posted on 22 November in Productivity

In this offer:

  • Apps for every device
  • Essential Integrations
  • Variety of workflows
  • Unified daily view
  • Guided daily planning
  • Product details

    Sunsama - daily planner

    Sunsama organizes your work one day at a time. Every day should feel calm and focused. 路 Guided daily planning 路 Unified daily view 路 Realistic daily goals. Sunsama organizes all the work you need to do each day in one place. It's like Trello + Google Calendar.

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