Donovan Riversowner
10 months ago
Here's a snapshot of the Settings startup screen. I decided to go with a Mobile & Desktop hybrid theme for the OS, I did this because the Reality Lens will be able to achieve a lot of great tasks, and have an abundance of features. With that being said, I didn't want to destroy it's ease of use. So, I refrained from over-adding icons, unnecessary features etc. In the near future, I'll be showing much more, also going over the "Echo", "Iriis", and "Realities" settings. All feedback is appreciated, Thanks.
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Alex Buzin10 months ago
Great job ๐Ÿ‘ Can you share a video (link) of the Settings startup screen in action? Curious to see how it works. Regarding my preference in UI - I would love to see some kind of XBOX-like experience with a cards grid and big selection areas (I think it can fit very well for VR). Example:
Donovan Riversowner10 months ago
Alex Buzin, In the near future I could definitely put together a video for you all to see. As for your suggestion, I've taken it in and will see how it can be applied. Thanks.