Reality Lens

18 Jul 2021

Revolutionary pair of AR Smart-Glasses, focused on, and made for everyday consumers.

ArtUXTechSoftwarePrototypingMobile appDesign / UI / UXStartup3DProduct
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Latest updates from project team and community...

Donovan Rivers10 months ago

Here's a snapshot of the Settings startup screen. I decided to go with a Mobile & Desktop hybrid theme for the OS, I did this because the Reality Lens will be able to achieve a lot of great tasks, and have an abundance of features. With that being said, I didn't want to destroy it's ease of use. So, I refrained from over-adding icons, unnecessary features etc. In the near future, I'll be showing much more, also going over the "Echo", "Iriis", and "Realities" settings. All feedback is appreciated, Thanks.

Donovan Rivers10 months ago

Let's talk User Interface! As some of you know, I'm working on the operating system of the Reality Lens. I've been making great progress with the backend of the OS, but I would like to keep the Graphical aspect in mind. I do have a few ideas and concpets I'll be going with, but of course, there's no better features than the ones requested by you all! My aim for this post is collect a few ideas and implement them directly into the OS. Thank You.