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Prophaze KubeWAF's enterprise grade solution protects your organization by intelligently tracking down malicious requests into your web APIs.

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Prasad Prechuowner
Prophaze Cloud WAF protects organizations from malicious hackers who are trying to attack and steal data from Web Applications or Mobile App Gateways or APIs. Unlike traditional firewalls, Prophaze WAF exclusively protects web and mobile apis from security breach using its Adaptive Profiling and Behavioral based machine learning algorithms. The product is built natively on Kubernetes Platform and secures customer’s Kubernetes clusters from various attack vectors . There is also a Cloud version ( AWS , Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure ) as well which works on a Pure SaaS Model. Internally Prophaze WAF will scan all the incoming requests and classifies the real and legitimate users using our AI Powered Platform This product can be implemented in industries where customer data is critical like Healthcare & Pharma, Manufacturing sector, E-com firms, Banking /Finance & NBFC.

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