Projectium.Network is the networking platform for like-minded people in a startup community, that unite project owners and projects!

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New event name

23 Mar 2021

New event description

Planned BETA update

15 Jan 2021

An update will include the following: - Community post image upload; - New project menu; - Project subscrbers list;

Offline pitch

24 Oct 2020

Kyiv Tech Hub public offline pitching

Online pitch

06 Oct 2020

IT_EUREKA public online pitching

New positioning

01 Oct 2020

Adjusted positioning - a platform for early-stage startup founders helping to find their market niche

Users milestone

15 Sep 2020

The First 100 users join the project

Team scaling

01 Sep 2020

Iryna Prysyazhnuk and Varun Nair join the project. Marketing unit created

Public release

13 May 2020

Public beta release

Team scaling

18 Mar 2020

Designers Anna Chobal and Camilla Rakhmatullaeva join the project, design unit created

Team scaling

21 Feb 2020

Gena Kozhevny join the project as Head of Design

New feature release

15 Feb 2020

Adaptive recommendations feature release

New feature added

15 Jan 2020

Timeline feature release

Team scaling

20 Dec 2019

Alexey Denysenko & Vlad Butenko join the project. Finance & Investor communication unites created

Public release

15 Dec 2019

Public alpha version release

Team scaling

01 Nov 2019

Four developers join the project

Business unit creation

20 May 2019

Alex Seroshtan joined the project. Business Development unit is created

Interactive cards

30 Apr 2019

The feature of interactive cards is added

Private release

20 Mar 2019

Private pre-alpha version release

First prototypes

10 Feb 2019

First design prototypes, drafts of the logo, and design are created

First idea

11 Nov 2018

Alex Buzin comes up with the first idea of Projectium - the platform for conncting developers and project owners
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