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Alex Buzin
a year ago

Major Performance Update πŸ’¨ I'm excited to announce that today Projectium received the one of the biggest performance updates in the last years (2021-...) This huge update is aiming to improve User Experience and first page loading time. This will also help us to better appear in Google Search. We implemented a new Server-side Renderer based on React 18 and added DFL caching on the server. This helped us to reduce page loading time at least twice.



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Solomon Bush10 months ago

This is pretty huge! Are ya'll using CSR or SSR react?

Alex Buzin10 months ago

Solomon Bush, We moved to React 18 and their new SSR architecture which supports Suspense & Node streams πŸ”₯. The new renderer is very fast and acts like a realtime rendering engine. + we use ssr-prepass strategy to fetch all data and include them to the SSR html πŸ™‚

Solomon Bush10 months ago

Alex Buzin, Wow this is really big! I can't imagine how much work went into that. Well the UI is definitely is a lot snappier. Projectium is cutting edge now! I recently switched from tradition CSR to Next.JS and love the performance and SEO features.

Aarush Aggarwal4 months ago

just wow!

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