11 Aug 2020

Projectium.Network is the networking platform for like-minded people in a startup community, that unite project owners and projects!

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Latest updates from project team and community...

New profile layout. We're working on a new Experimental profile layout for Projectium. It will help you better navigate across userbase of makers & early adopters on the platform and it has a lot of benefits: - Profiles will look less "empty" - Information is structured more intuitive & better - We adapted them for current usage - Most of users have 1 project - more details will be shown there. - Focus on profile credibility. Let us know your opinion. Do you like the new design of the project page?

Alex Buzin11d ago

A short update on #CustDev that we did. We are curious to learn more about real problems that founders experience on an early stage. One of them is lack of communication between product <> users. There are no simple way to establish that, whether you are going with Email & waitlist or use Social Media channels. They both lack the real intent from your audience to learn about you there. Another major problem was TARGETING the right people. You want to learn where they are and make them discover your solution - that's a real problem everyone face over the internet. We, in Projectium, aim to solve this by providing you a real connection to your target audience. Your product can be easily found when searched across internet on Projectium website and users can follow it to learn about what you plan to do.