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Projectium.Network is made by Alexander Seroshtan
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Glad to announce a first Founders Digest (#1) 🏆 Build your brand community with Habitate 📰 21 Century encyclopedia by Conzept 👓 AR Smart Glasses by Reality Lens Read what founders make today 👇

Hi, people! Delighted to update you on Projectium's progress over the last few weeks🤩. Our product improvements include: ✨ A new homepage header, which improves navigation UX ✨ Image pinch-zoom ✨ Fixed open-by notification, so that you NEVER miss an important discussion ✨ Clear design for comments info bar Currently we are working on improving our SEO and keyword strategy. Stay tuned for more 🎉 Please, let us know if there are any issues we should fix to make your user experience excellent!

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