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Privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative

Plausible is lightweight and open source web analytics. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Made and hosted in the EU, powered by European-owned cloud infrastructure 🇪🇺


Posted on 22 November in Open source

In this offer:

  • Quick and easy to integrate
  • A powerful and flexible API
  • Email and Slack reports
  • Serve the script as a first-party connection
  • Own and control your data
  • Filter the dashboard by anything you click on
  • Integrate with Search Console
  • Analyze marketing campaigns
  • Product details

    Plausible Analytics - privacy-friendly GA alternative

    Plausible Analytics is a simple, open source, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. Our mission is to reduce corporate surveillance by providing a web analytics tool which doesn’t come from the AdTech world.

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    • Plausible Analytics

    • A simple, lightweight (< 1 KB), open source and privacy-friendly alternative to GA

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