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CRM - Automate your sales, close more deals

Crush your sales quota with ultra-personalized campaigns mixing cold emails and LinkedIn automation. Outbound Sales - Generate revenue through multi-channel outbound sales campaigns. Business Development - Grow your business by building strong relationships with potential partners. Recruiting - Reach out and engage with potential candidates, at scale Link Building - Put your SEO link-building initiatives on autopilot.


Posted on 22 November in Email

In this offer:

  • Build and enrich prospects’ lists from LinkedIn in a single click!
  • Send personalized multi-channel outbound campaigns, at scale.
  • Manage your entire sales process, from prospecting to closing, in a single app!
  • Track everything to improve the performance of your entire sales team.
  • Product details

    Overloop - CRM for sales automation

    Everything starts with a good conversation. That’s why our CRM is designed to help you start more conversations and close more deals. Main features: - Outbound sales - Deals & Pipelines - Web Forms - Workflows & automation - Email Finder - Forecasting -..

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    • Overloop CRM

    • Handle your entire sales pipeline, track your performances, and in the end, close more deals!

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