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All-in-one Customer Development Tools

Never lose track of customer interviews. Javelin organizes your interview sets based on your customer segments and problem definitions. Javelin's fully-featured landing page builder allows you to effectively test new ideas. Your page supports video, multiple images, and you can connect your own domain name. Javelin is the only software that combines landing pages with Google Ads to help you test your product with real customers. Our simplified interface and integrated metrics will save you hours, if not days.


Posted on 22 November in Sales

In this offer:

  • Interviews Management
  • Audio recording & transcription
  • Landing Page builder
  • Business metrics & projections
  • Product / Market fit surveys
  • Monthly report progress
  • Integrate with development tools using API
  • Product details

    Javelin - All-In-One Software Platform for Innovators

    Javelin helps you test startup ideas with potential customers and gives you data to guide your decisions. Record and transcribe customer interviews, test landing pages, and use pre-designed surveys to analyze the most important feedback.

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    All-in-one Customer Development Tools
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    All-in-one Customer Development Tools

    Get access to all lean startup tools with a help of Javelin Platform

    • Javelin by Lean Startup Machine

    • Get access to all lean startup tools with a help of Javelin Platform

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