Suraj panigrahiowner
6 months ago
After evaluating the Smart health card, we have found huge possibilities to reduce healthcare operating costs. Transparency using the smart card in health care system could achieve trust from the patients in terms of the treatment queue, expense, diagnosis diseases, doctors and pharmacist’s accountability, etc. Smart health card facilitates the electronic transfer of the patient confidential information such as referral letters, patient records, different types of report, doctor prescriptions, and high-resolution digital images, appointment schedule, medicine history, patients records and so forth
Trying to bring a change in the current healthcare system by bringi...
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Alex Buzin6 months ago
Hello, Suraj! Where I can learn more about your product?
Suraj panigrahiowner6 months ago
Alex Buzin, Hei @alex2401! Currently, it's in the developing stage. We worked on its pros. and cons. and what features we can include and I am looking for some hardware (embedded systems) enthusiasts and software developing people to help me build it.