Floating Notekeeper

This android App can create Notes that can fly on top of your screen over other Apps. This helps to keep track and multitask on the go. Mostly used with Todo- & Shopping-Lists or for Strategy-Notes in mobile games.

Mobile app
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Nils Zegonoid*owner
To celebrate the newest feature of adding alarms to your notes we give away 60 DAYS EXTENDED FREE TRIAL of premium subscription. Use the Redeem code FLOATNOTE101 to activate your 60 days free trial subscription* https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nilshonermann.floatingnotekeeper Perfect for shopping lists, todos, android strategy games, reminder alarms *(You can leave the subscription anytime through your google playstore app, after this free subscription expires in 60 days you will get the normal monthly subscription. Works only for users who never used subscription before. Code can be redeemed till april 30.)

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