E-SYS Technologies

15 Jul 2021

We are a new startup based in Romania that is developing suborbital launch vehicles for the future generations. Our goal is to send a human to space by 2030 and inspire other companies to emerge and create a better future for the mankind.

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Latest updates from project team and community...

What do you want to see in the future regarding space travel? Do you believe that commercial launches will be as cheap as a plane ticket? Tell us below ⬇️ 🚀

Eris Propulsion Laboratory Section (EPL) is currently working on the Main Engine Exhaust Pipe (MEEP) that is integrated inside the ER-23 fuselage. A secondary project of the EPL is the Vulture-3 engine that will shoot future launch vehicles to 50km or more, halfway trough our final goal.

Open roles

E-SYS Technologies is actively looking for new team members...

EPL Engineer

E-SYS Technologies needs engineers specialized in propulsion systems for the development of the Vulture engines and other launch solutions.