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Beekey Cheung
a year ago

I saw another founder market his startup with a YouTube channel. His strategy is to provide genuine advice about the space in general including on how to effectively use his competitor's products. It seems like a really good strategy so I decided to start a channel on personal knowledge management. I don't plan to talk about my competitors products as much (though that seems to be the "growth hack"), but I do plan on talking about general practices that have helped me with PKM. My views are a bit contrarian. My first video is on how inbox zero is useless ( which is not what most productivity gurus say. Time will tell if this helps bring traffic to Dynomantle or not.



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Alex Buzina year ago

Hey, congratulations on starting a new activity! Subscribed to you on YouTube ๐Ÿ’Œ One idea I can suggest is that youtube feature "Key moments" is good to have for 7+ minute videos

Beekey Cheunga year ago

Alex Buzin, Thanks @alex2401 ! I did not know about the key moments feature. Will definitely look into it!

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