Wabs Print and Packaging
No doubt! Every business strives to make its products perfect for its customers. They always aim to make their products attractive to their clients, so they can boost their sales. Macron boxes that have unique features are highly effective
This month 3
Rable creates an interactive platform where users can have conversations about investing and see what other beginner and expert investors are doing. After grasping the basics, you can take on virtual challenges with real-time market dat
This month 2
Open Peeps
Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library—a system of doodles. You can use them in product, marketing, comics, product states, user flows, personas, storyboarding, quinceañera invitations, or whatever you want! Available in Sketch, Studio, Figma, and XD
This month 1
Chyrp is a support tool for Indie Builders running a SaaS business without dedicated support staff. Provide smooth customer service over Twitter, and show it off to attract new customers. Market while you support.
This month 1
Chime Social
Chime Social is a Twitter scheduling tool that helps you get engagement and build an audience on Twitter. Use code PROJECTIUM for 10% at checkout. Only for Projectium members.
This month 0
The Slice
The Slice is a curated weekly email that introduces solo-founders to emerging tools, actionable resources and insights to grow your project.
This month 0
Simple tool for indie makers and and founders to create unique logos.
This month 0
InstantCard generates images from articles perfect for sharing on Instagram. Simply enter the URL of the website you'd like to share and InstantCard will create an image which you can tweak to your satisfaction, download, and then post!
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