PopCritic is a movie review website which is focussed on various aspects of films and help people find the best film to watch next.
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No Attribution Required. Royalty Free. Cleared for YouTube. No Ads. - Let's create Unsplash for Music. Together.
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Pep Talk Tweeks

A funky project to build a knowledge basis for all people that want to delivery value and digital products for end-users, creating open-source robust abstractions with tutorials to break down complex things about software engineering.
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Insigh Trend

Its a better google trends alternative for researching keywords activity and trends. Its based on content rather than search
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PixelCraft is a pixel Art & Animation Creation Tool Built using HTML5 Canvas. It is a Progressive Web App (PWA) with offline compatibility. It is mobile-friendly and is very easy to use.
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Empathize.com lets you create a plan for getting out of debt, and pay all your cards & loans in one screen. This project rightly belongs to his owner who is not registered on our platform.
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The Slice

The Slice is a curated weekly email that introduces solo-founders to emerging tools, actionable resources and insights to grow your project.
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Turn your browser bookmarks into embedded cards and watch YouTube/Vimeo videos, listen to audio, see images, read articles and more right from one dashboard.
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