E-SYS Technologies
We are a new startup based in Romania that is developing suborbital launch vehicles for the future generations. Our goal is to send a human to space by 2030 and inspire other companies to emerge and create a better future for the mankind.
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VoiceForm is a survey tool that gives you the ability to collect deep, emotional feedback from your customers, with audio powered surveys.
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Aera Farms
Aera Farms has created the Home Harvest, the world's first automated smart farming appliance that can grow all the produce needs for a home, including root vegetables. Our mission is to turn everyone into farmers!
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UI Bakery
Create visually a sign-up form in 3 steps and for free. Choose the template you like, fill in the fields, select the color you need. Download a ready form and its Angular code, or customize it in UI Bakery.
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Startup Success Platform
We help early stage founders launch their marketplace applications in weeks not months. If you are struggling to build an application similar to Airbnb, Fiverr, Kickstarter, Thumbtack and more, we have a MVP for you! Launch your idea today!
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Reality Lens
Revolutionary pair of AR Smart-Glasses, focused on, and made for everyday consumers.
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Essential Living
This project is focused on creating essential living systems with the main purpose of transitioning towards an arcology. We are using sustainable and affordable solutions in order to ensure all of humanity can meet their basic human needs.
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Designers For Good
Design is one of the most important aspects of our everyday life. It affects people more than they know. Good design should be a requirement. DFG focuses on redesigning and designing old and inefficient products and systems.
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