InVideo is the most comprehensive social video creation platform to create video ads, promo videos, social media videos and more. InVideo comes power-packed with an extensive template library of 1700+ templates, a full-fledged editor, millions of stock videos and images, effects and more.
This month 7
An insight marketplace for experts to earn money by sharing their expertise. Launch your own consulting business in minutes with Scout. 1. Create a profile 2. Help others in need of your expertise 3. Get paid for the insights you provide
This month 7
Split-screen web browser with multi-login to any site and ability to save/load what you're working on (workspaces)
This month 3
Makerlog 3.0
Makerlog is the collaborative task log for makers and indie hackers. We're a community of over 4,000 entrepreneurs shipping products together.
This month 1
Pep Talk Tweaks
A funky project to build a knowledge basis for all people that want to delivery value and digital products for end-users, creating open-source robust abstractions with tutorials to break down complex things about software engineering.
This month 1
ReHub is an aggregator of service centers with a rating system and comparison of location and prices for the services provided.
This month 1
The Slice
The Slice is a curated weekly email that introduces solo-founders to emerging tools, actionable resources and insights to grow your project.
This month 1
Energized App is the Mobile App that helps you resist your lack of energy and apathy.
This month 1
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