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The Slice

The Slice is a curated weekly email that introduces solo-founders to emerging tools, actionable resources and insights to grow your project.
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💎 Simple in usage 🚀 Speeds up 3D scene prototyping 🔌 Component based scene graph 💣 Simple integration of any high performance physics even with Worker (Multithreading) 💫 Automatization of rendering 🆕 ES2015+ based
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Turn your videos into memorable moments, text it to us along with a picture and caption, we will then turn that into a beautiful postcard and mail it out for you. When your recipients receive the card, your video will pop out upon scanning!
This month 2 Web Templates Web Templates are a collection of downloadable landing pages and website templates for founders and website owners. For a token one-time purchase fee, users have access to a lifetime of updates to all website templates.
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Whenever you press (run, build, render, download, or export) you can open SpookyLoop and get a mobile notification when it's done! It's the perfect companion for data science munging, video rendering, or long processes.
This month 2

Lazy Cloud

Attempting to do replay of http requests using postgres logical replication. This is to make it easy to build suites of api regression tests to improve developer productivity.
This month 2

Floating Notekeeper

This android App can create Notes that can fly on top of your screen over other Apps. This helps to keep track and multitask on the go. Mostly used with Todo- & Shopping-Lists or for Strategy-Notes in mobile games.
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