Trying to bring a change in the current healthcare system by bringing ease and more security to individual's health-related data and reducing the paper works and communication barriers in the hospitals.
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Agora Game Community
Agora Game Community is a platform, where gamers can boost their skill by playing with higher rank players. If boost isn't for you, you can play with lower ranks for skins, items, or any other gaming content.
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Wabs Print and Packaging
No doubt! Every business strives to make its products perfect for its customers. They always aim to make their products attractive to their clients, so they can boost their sales. Macron boxes that have unique features are highly effective
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PriceWanted !
Buying Station Network via Mobile App. Augmented Reality Market Place & AI for dynamic Sales Auctions
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Monthly Period Boxes
It is a product-based business aimed at young girls who just started with their monthly period. We want to provide them with an amazing box filled with all the essential goodies needed to prepare them for their transition into adulthood.
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Poda is a tree based planning tool for creators/product managers that want to put outcome over output showing how their decisions align to current objectives
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Reality Lens
Revolutionary pair of AR Smart-Glasses, focused on, and made for everyday consumers.
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TBA Gift Card
Gift card idea that (1) incentivizes buyers of gift cards to buy more gift cards, (2) drives buyers to purchase higher value gift cards when they buy a gift card, and (3) drives sale of items in app shop. Branding and commercial appeal
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