Habitate is a community tool that is easy to customize and integrate with your existing website or app. Inside the tool, your customers can start a new discussion, write a comment or search the content repository. :)
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Transhumanist Quest
A visual and simple website for the general public to learn about what transhumanism is, & how they can support the movement.
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Distributed Lab
Distributed Lab is one the most advanced blockchain expertise centre in Europe. Our mission is to build the Financial Internet—where every accounting system in the world is able to transact with any other freely.
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IT_EUREKA – це конкурс стартап-проектів у галузі інформаційних технологій, який проводить шведська ІТ консалтингова компанія Sigma Software. Цього року драйвером змагання став бізнес акселератор Sigma Software Labs.
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A growth-focused popup plugin that allows you to choose your marketing goals. Lead Generation, Website Conversions, Polls, Customer Retention and more using one popup builder. Without super developers or coding.
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Messenger Bot
Messenger Bot is a multichannel marketing platform that combines eCommerce, email, social, and chat into one easy-to-use dashboard. You can connect it with Zapier to respond to inquiries and make sales instantly on autopilot :)
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Linked Assist
Linked Assist automates your LinkedIn marketing so that you get more time for your core business activities. Now instead of spending hours using the basic features of LinkedIn with minimal results, you can automate the most important market
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Connections are made in small circles, not in large crowds. Waves is currently in B2B development.
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