Flutter Dating
Flutter is a dating app that works on Sundays with everything disappearing at midnight. With Flutter only being open on Sundays, we want to create an environment where everybody is present in the conversation and empowered to move the relationship forward.
This month 6
Personalised micro-communities for founders. 🚀 Not a Slack Channel with 20,000 people but a group of 10 friends. 👥 We match you with 8 to 10 startup geeks with the same mission and goals in your own private group chat🌱
This month 5
The Slice
The Slice is a curated weekly email that introduces solo-founders to emerging tools, actionable resources and insights to grow your project.
This month 1
Distributed Lab
Distributed Lab is the most advanced blockchain expertise center in Europe.Our mission is to build the Financial Internet—where every accounting system in the world is able to transact with any other freely.
This month 0
NoCode Portal
No-code application development platforms and tools empower entrepreneurs, with NO coding experience, to turn ideas into viable products. This project is rightly belongs to his owner who is not registered on our platform.
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