Missing the informal exchanges with your colleagues during work from home? CoffeeCall brings those back straight into your home office.
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Rable creates an interactive platform where users can have conversations about investing and see what other beginner and expert investors are doing. After grasping the basics, you can take on virtual challenges with real-time market dat
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Flutter Dating
Flutter is a dating app that works on Sundays with everything disappearing at midnight. With Flutter only being open on Sundays, we want to create an environment where everybody is present in the conversation and empowered to move the relationship forward.
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An insight marketplace for experts to earn money by sharing their expertise. Launch your own consulting business in minutes with Scout. 1. Create a profile 2. Help others in need of your expertise 3. Get paid for the insights you provide
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Energized App is the Mobile App that helps you resist your lack of energy and apathy.
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Startup Success Platform
We help early stage founders launch their marketplace applications in weeks not months. If you are struggling to build an application similar to Airbnb, Fiverr, Kickstarter, Thumbtack and more, we have a MVP for you! Launch your idea today!
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Nerik The Slug
A fun and frantic, free-to-play, hyper-casual game for Android, iPhone and Windows. The greatest gastropod-based game you will ever play!
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Exploro is an interactive travel game, which through riddles, games and activities provides solo and bleisure travellers with a unique way of a city's exploration and experience. People didn't born to explore the world 2 weeks every year.
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