Trying to bring a change in the current healthcare system by bringing ease and more security to individual's health-related data and reducing the paper works and communication barriers in the hospitals.
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Energized App is the Mobile App that helps you resist your lack of energy and apathy.
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Manage your fridge and pantry with Kiff and always eat your food in its best state. This project rightly belongs to his owner who is not registered on our platform.
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PROVEN customizes a simplified skincare system for men and women that takes the guesswork out of caring for skin. Using our proprietary Skin Genome Project database, combined with expertise from Stanford Dermatology, we engineer your customized skincare.
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Electric toothbrush with your personal AI-powered dentist inside.
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Monthly Period Boxes
It is a product-based business aimed at young girls who just started with their monthly period. We want to provide them with an amazing box filled with all the essential goodies needed to prepare them for their transition into adulthood.
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The GUESS Unified Editing Suite & SDK
A whole body model of you, based on your genetic code, in 4D (3D plus time) that you can edit visually or from genetic code, or anything in between. You can see what gene edits are needed for any change, and what any gene edit does. WIP.
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