Studiocart is a platform that gives you the tools to build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels directly on your own website. Build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels on your own website.
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Open Makers
Community for Makers to share their product journey as they Build in Public.
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SVG Backgrounds
Spice up your webpage in seconds. SVG Backgrounds helps you quickly customize and apply fullscreen website visuals with a tiny file size.
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Track user activity, automate workflows and create reports that give you insights into your product. By developers, for developers.
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Socialiise - Automate Social Proof
Automatically collect, filter, and display social proof by using AI-powered sentiment filtering to show the best social proof on your website.
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Tons of icons, photos, illustrations inside to stay focused. AI-based tools to automate routine tasks. Real-time collaboration to work with the team. Native apps for Windows, macOS&Linux to work fast online and offline, on fancy laptops or
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IT_EUREKA – це конкурс стартап-проектів у галузі інформаційних технологій, який проводить шведська ІТ консалтингова компанія Sigma Software. Цього року драйвером змагання став бізнес акселератор Sigma Software Labs.
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Creative PR & Communication agency specialising in music marketing. We’re offering comprehensive, creative and effective online campaigns for artists, venues and labels.
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