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Startup Success Platform

We help early stage founders launch their marketplace applications in weeks not months. If you are struggling to build an application similar to Airbnb, Fiverr, Kickstarter, Thumbtack and more, we have a MVP for you! Launch your idea today!
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Whenever you press (run, build, render, download, or export) you can open SpookyLoop and get a mobile notification when it's done! It's the perfect companion for data science munging, video rendering, or long processes.
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Lazy Cloud

Attempting to do replay of http requests using postgres logical replication. This is to make it easy to build suites of api regression tests to improve developer productivity.
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Lightweight JavaScript (ES6) tweening library. The library is only 9.08 Kb (3Kb gzip). It uses optimization patterns to speed up & smooth animation.
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sdbdsbsdklbm.s.kjnb.djsb.ksnbms/elbns/ gjk.env.esbj vjl/en
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This month 1


💎 Simple in usage 🚀 Speeds up 3D scene prototyping 🔌 Component based scene graph 💣 Simple integration of any high performance physics even with Worker (Multithreading) 💫 Automatization of rendering 🆕 ES2015+ based
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