Habitate is a community tool that is easy to customize and integrate with your existing website or app. Inside the tool, your customers can start a new discussion, write a comment or search the content repository. :)
This month 4
An e-learning platform for students to find relevant courses they can enroll in to skill up in order to become job-ready and for tutors to upload educational content and earn from it.
This month 4
Conzept encyclopedia
Conzept is an attempt to create an encyclopedia for the 21st century. A modern topic-exploration tool based on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Open Library, YouTube and more. A semantic web app build for fun, education and research.
This month 4
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This month 3
Chime Social
Chime Social is a Twitter scheduling tool that helps you get engagement and build an audience on Twitter. Use code PROJECTIUM for 10% at checkout. Only for Projectium members.
This month 2
On Field
On Field is a collection of 150+ world's greatest moments in the history of sports
This month 2
Hatrio Sales
Hatrio Sales helps you find leads for your business, send them cold emails and track results under one roof. Think of it like this: lead generation + cold email and sales automation + CRM.
This month 2
We're building a platform that connects gamers with shared career goals to make career networking fun and easy. Whether you're looking to change jobs, start a business or mix up your networking game, join the waitlist today!
This month 2
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