A platform to build product communities, Projectium, has announced its IOS launch

Projectium, a platform, enabling early-stage startup founders to build communities around their startups and products, has launched on IOS on July 15. The app is available to download for free in the Apple App Store.

In particular, our platform makes it easier for users to grow their startup as a result of validating their project idea and getting relevant feedback from the industry experts. 

Unlike existing platforms, Projectium provides opportunities for constant interaction with the audience to create your community around a startup. Moreover, the competitors either allow to demonstrate their startup once or specifically aim at recruiting.

“If you think about how you could successfully build and launch a new tech product, the first that comes to mind is idea validation and quality feedback from professionals in your industry. Do you know where to find them? Probably yes, but the easiest way is to simply publish your startup page on Projectium” – says the Founder and CEO at Projectium, Alex Buzin.

For instance, some of the app’s key features include:

  • Interactive cards: make an engaging presentation of your product using integration from 20+ sources: YouTube, Medium, Sketchlab and more.
  • Community threads: post regular updates about your startup and, as a result, get feedback gain new followers and engage with the existing ones.
  • Project timeline: showcase the stages of your startup development and get insights from the industry professional.

Download now and get a endless premium status at Projectium. Don’t miss the chance to join the new digital Silicon Valley!

Projectium.Network is a networking platform for growing a community around your early-stage startup or a project. At Projectium things are interactive:
  • Instead of presenting your startup in text –  get an attractive project page with creative visuals.

  • Tired of filtering spam on Reddit? Get personal project recommendations based on your interests.

  • Publishing on ProductHunt seems one-time opportunity? Grow your startup community and track results on Projectium every day .

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