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Founders Digest #2: Note tracking, SVG backgrounds

Note tracking, SVG Backgrounds, Person insights for meetings – a summary of October-November activities that founders pushed to grow their business.

October was a very productive month and work continues in November. Founders have built their MVPs and now they start getting first MRR  while showing good traction from their first users.

Read about challenges and the way makers solve them today.

Martin Adams @ Flowletic

YouTuber and developer building the most efficient note-taking app

Flowletic is the most efficient note-taking app that helps you study, learn, think, write and publish—with maximum consistency.

Martin Adams has integrated a workflow state functionality for notes and built a readability mode where you can see any article you’re studying…

Mobile-friendly mode is feeling really slick with the app!

Milestones from October 2021

Martin’s YouTube’s strategy to build an audience around note-taking is working. During this month he achieved the following milestones:

1. 3,000 YouTube Subscribers

2. 1,500 people on the app waitlist

3. First sponsorship deal

4. the first video to surpass 50,000 views with 1.7K likes!

Learn more about Flowletic on Projectium

Matt Visiwig @ SVG Backgrounds

Hey I’m Matt, a self-employed web dev working on my startup: SVG Backgrounds.

Spice up your webpage in seconds. SVG Backgrounds helps you quickly customize and apply fullscreen website visuals with tiny file sizes.

Matt Visiwig posted on PH in 2018 – the product gained a lot of attention and now he is making a growing collection of backgrounds for 5$/mo – got a first few sales that month.

Hit – 10K$ ARR. Now focused on metrics and is working on a homepage & subscription page.

So it led me to focus on the homepage and subscription page. I recently updated the pricing and redesigned the subscription page completely.

This led to a little flurry of sales, and I will be making more tweaks over time. But this little boost in sales took me over $834/MRR to hit the big milestone of $10K ARR. I have a renewed focus on SVGBG!

Matt Visiwig, founder of SVG Backgrounds

Currently, you can choose a subscription to access a premium content on SVG Backgrounds website

Learn more about SVG Backgrounds on Projectium

Tommy Bloom @ Amy

Tommy is a Sales Manager at Amy & Singer-Songwriter

The Usain Bolt of Meeting Preparation ⚡️ Reduce meeting prep time by 95% and get must-know information & actionable insights about every person you’re meeting – all straight from your calendar.

Amy was founded 2 years ago with the vision to streamline meeting preparation. Tommy Bloom & the team are about to launch our product in the upcoming months, after a successful Beta launch from which they gained many valuable insights.

Amy uses AI to collect and analyze information from across the web and provides actionable insights about connections, prospects, and partners, allowing you to personalize every outreach and ace every meeting, all straight from your Calendar. 🚀

What is Amy?

Amy integrates with your calendar, detects new meetings, and generates meeting briefs for each meeting, each consists of three parts:

👩‍🏫 Profile – A short summary of the history of the person you are about to meet – their work experience, education, and links to their social media.

🔔 Updates – Newly published articles and news about the person you’re meeting and the company they work at, including when and where that article was published.

🚀 Boosters – Now this is our secret sauce. Amy connects all the dots between you and the person, generates highly personalized insights about your relationship, and highlights new business opportunities.

Learn more about Amy on Projectium

That’s it for now! We were happy to share insights on what makers are working on today and this is for sure, not the last digest we make.

If you want to get featured in the next one – sign up on Projectium and submit your startup to join hundreds of founders! Every month we are selecting the best startup profiles that publish news and include them in our digest.

Stay tuned!

Projectium team 💜

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