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Founders Digest #1: Brand community, wiki & AR Smart Glasses

Project for building a brand community recreated encyclopedia for XXI century and User Interface for AR Smart Glasses.

Today we start a new tradition of sharing top highlights from founders’ day-to-day life. Founders Digest is aiming to spread #buildinpublic content created by early-stage startups on the Projectium platform.

We believe that a lot of things are born each day and the goal we have is to let more people know about what was made last week and how it could change tomorrow day. Follow us on Twitter to never miss an upcoming digest.

Topics for today are building communities, knowledge sharing & Augmented Reality ๐Ÿ‘‡

1. Habitate – build a brand community

Habitate is a community tool that is easy to customize and integrate with your existing website or app. Inside the tool, your customers can start a new discussion, write a comment or search the content repository.

Habitate website - build a brand community
Habitate community

If you’re a company that wants to establish a good connection with your audience & build an engaged community then there’s something better than Twitter. In fact, Deepak Kumar has done a great job building a platform where your brand can be empowered by feedback & knowledge sharing.

The project reached $10000 ARR by the first of August, raised the pre-seed funding stage, and is continuing to expand.

You can find it on projectium or in case you want to try Habitate you may visit habitate website.

2. Conzept encyclopedia – attempt to create an encyclopedia for the 21st century

A modern topic exploration tool based on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Open Library, YouTube, and more. In other words, a semantic web app builds for fun, education, and research.

Pythagorean theorem on Conzept encyclopedia
Pythagorean theorem in Conzept
Conzept update

Conzept was created by Jama Poulsen a creator of WikiSchool and is a fast way to explore information from WikiPedia & learn something new.

By letting the wise men and women of our times – and earlier times – speak to us in untainted and clear wordings, we can get re-inspired and see the beautiful coherence of true knowledge in action.

– from WikiSchool website

In addition, you can follow Conzept development news on Projectium.

3. Reality Lens – AR Smart Glasses

Reality Lens is a Revolutionary pair of AR Smart Glasses made for everyday consumers.

Donovan Rivers is working on an operating system called mayOS – “One OS. Endless Realities.” in order to combine Augmented Reality apps that can help the end-user.

In addition, mayOS features 4 AR apps:

  • May โ†”๏ธ – Mirror your screen from your mobile device
  • Amity ๐Ÿ“ž – Fully Dedicated Augmented Reality Video Call App.
  • YourAR ๐Ÿ“ฐ – Display your Media Natively on the Reality Lens without the need for your Smartphone.
  • Weather ๐ŸŒค๏ธ – The most immersive Weather app, display the weather forecast and other details in AR.
Donovan Rivers about Settings startup screen in Reality lens

Follow Reality Lens on Projectium, Donovan is regularly posting new updates & press releases. Let’s build a cool future for AR together!

Tye Sheridan Ar GIF by Ready Player One - Find & Share on GIPHY

That’s it for today. After all, this was the first-ever Digest by Projectium Team, we hope you enjoyed reading it.

Overall, we’ve discovered 3 growing projects that are now in the process of validating their product and attracting new users. Check out them and share your ideas on projectium, maybe exactly your suggestion will become the next feature and impact the project significantly.

In the upcoming Digest (#2) we are going to cover growth marketing, gaming ๐ŸŽฎ & e-learning topics.

Want us to write about your project? Hit us in DM on Twitter (@projectium)

Read about Growth hacking and community building if you want to learn more about how the community can improve your product.

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